Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Winter has laid her hand upon us now!! So this is a mammoth post to warm me up lol
Took these photos of the mountain over the day

For those that don't know, this is Mount Wellington, the iconic wonder of Hobart. We live on the North East side of the mountain. My friends Allison and Mel live right on the other side, while Mum and Dad live on the other side but higher up, right in the shadow as we say, and possibly would have had snow there today, if they had been home to tell us about it instead of sunning themselves in Darwin lol. The other side of the mountain sees more snow than we do as most of the wind and snow comes from that direction and the other side is flatter than our side.

Jessica got to wear her new school winter dress today, had to take photos *grin*

She looks like she is sickening for something in the photo but she isn't lol
Mattresses were delivered today too, yay, now people can sleep on a bed when they come stay :)

The sun also arrived this afternoon, so Elizabeth, Lucy and I went out and soaked up some sunshine. It was very pleasant! They played, painting rocks, spy Elizabeth's slippers lol

and I wandered around with the camera. Loved seeing signs of seasons past and to come

Signs of summer past

Signs of spring to come

Signs of fresh, all year round love

Snapped some sunshine too ;)

And in amongst all of that I scrapped, yay and not yay lol Really feeling in a ditch with my scrapping right now. Glad to get the thoughts out of my head but feeling like it just isn't working for me, not even paint! So will keep working on through that ;)

Here is my One Little Word layout, the word for this challenge was 'if'

Journaling "If I hadn't watched you that day. If I hadn't prayed for you to have someone to talk to, do you think we would have become us? Just as well God doesn't do if"

It's the story of God moving and bringing Dave and I together. Motto is don't pray for something if your not ready to see it happen and if your not open to God moving in you. So I prayed that Dave would find someone and bang look who that someone was!! Some 12 years later and here we are, still talking ;)

Then I scrapped these 3, challenging myself to only use scraps, things I wanted to use up and cardstock that wasn't bazzill....
I did this one after reading Jill's post here, been waiting to snap a photo of Megan's soccer boots and then to scrap this. Also did this with the Aussie Dare's prompt, to use foil, and used the packaging from a packet of rice cakes :)

I used a texta lid to stamp the red circles, used both ends for the two different sizes.

This page I did after the week(s) I have just had and the much needed selfday on Sunday. I took the photo on Sunday and had to scrap what was in my head :)

And this page has also been thought of for sometime. Loved the way my Grandfather, on Mum's side, made porridge. He would soak it in the pot over night and it would be sitting there waiting when we got up the next morning. He wouldn't be there, as they lived on a farm and he would be out somewhere working, but there was always hot porridge waiting. I love it and when I have it I remember him. He would make it with just the right amount of salt and it was yum!! I remember putting lumps of butter in it, never having it with milk but my Grandmother making me have milk anyway and now I make it and have it with sugar on top and nothing else, sigh lol Just right for winter, well any time but winter is best lol

So there you go, thats me and my lot :) Tomorrow I will share my Project Scrap-Away page+ the other one I made but didn't use and will have news of if I got through to round 10 :)

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  1. i love your OLW layout sharmaine! and good luck for challenge 9! wish me luck too!:)

  2. Durn now I am totally homesick seeing Mount Wellie :\
    *waves from the USA*

  3. Ok the pics are wonderful! So weird to talk about winter! Still summer for us very hot. Your pages are great girlie dont be down. I love them!

  4. Gorgeous layouts, Love your layout for OLW! Great pics too!


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