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Thursday, August 27, 2009

And so I create…

It’s been cold
It’s been wet
It’s rained
And it’s rained
So while the girls have been at school Lucy and I have nuggled under a blanket while we watched The Fairies on telly
Would have been nice to spend all day doing that but I didn’t :) and neither did she lol
Tuesday I was inspired by Donna Downey’s creations so pulled out some paints and made these


I had missed my hole punch :)
Made this for Megan


and this for Jessica


Not inspired by Donna but by the fact that I often find an toilet roll that needs replacing I created this ummm statement…


Yesterday Elizabeth came home with this Elephant mask that she had made at school


This week has been another ‘better’ week and on Tuesday I made this page about her ‘rewards’


Yep that’s an opened out envelope there in the blue and white, love that :)

Journaling, and the heart was from Gudrun


Last night Jessica was enrolled at Guides

so it was a late night for our little rabbits and boy you could tell :)
I took the girls to get their haircuts this afternoon and crossed another thing off my ‘have to do before we go away’ list :)
Today I  also had a little play, making this page inspired by the new One Little Word challenge prompt, Beauty


was nice to pull out the masking tape and corrugated cardboard again, mix in some pattern paper, machine stitching and paint… bliss :)


Did you spy some more of Gudrun’s paper down there at the bottom?? Delish!


Close up of journaling :) Oh and I made the ‘Y’ using a ‘v’ and the top off an ‘f’


Well that’s that
Friday tomorrow, can’t say YAY loud enough!
Off to visit my Great Aunt in the morning and then hope to find some time in the afternoon with some scrapping, we will see :)

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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!! U have been SUPER BUSY!!!! Maybe it should stay raining!!??!!??!! LOL!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee her elephant mask....and love love love your OLW!!! WOW!!!! U are fast!!!!! I just saw the prompt yesterday and have about 4 MILLION ideas going thru my head!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. So glad I discovered your blog - I love how you recycle unusual materials in your layouts (I thought that was the inside of an envelope) and your color sense is so pure. Love your beauty layout - I'm almost finished with mine - just waiting for the fabric flowers to dry with the stiffener so I can glue them on. Just love the elephant mask and glad that the week went well.

  3. How inspiring is your blog !!! I love it ! Love your pages !

  4. Look at you....so creative and busy!!!!! Just love all the creations and the elephant mask is sooooo cute!!! Great idea with the TP ROLL!!!!! I need to do that!!!! Someone is always leaving an empty one for me to replace!!!! Have a great day!!! :)

  5. These are great. I especially love the last one.

  6. I LOVE your OLW layout! Gorgoeus!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. hee!!! you kruijvers and your obsession with toilet paper! LOLOL!

    I'm laughing with you b/c of my own obsession with TP. might be all the times my house and car got hit during high school! I always stock up and buy bulk at the super store...35 rolls and counting, for just little ole me!

    gorgeous work, btw. as usual. I wish I was as motivated as you
    : .)


    (my word veri - ancytho. I am antsy tho'! how ironic!)

  9. Wow, your "beauty" LO is stunning!!! What a great quote you used! TFS :-)

  10. Hi Sharmaine I am trying to catch up on my blog reading but all I really want to do is sit down and scrapbook, seeing your wonderful pages isn't helping lol. Belinda

  11. Hi:) I saw your layout for OLW and I just had to leave a comment on your blog....this is really a GORGOEUSSSSS layout!!!!

  12. Holy Dyna girl, the Beauty layout knocked my socks off!!!! Love how you journaled and I really love your toilet paper idea! I'm all over that one and will do it to the hubs next time as he's famous for leaving it empty. Drives me nuts!!! haha

  13. Your OLW layout is beautiful, I really like your handwritten title, looks great!

  14. I love your layouts but the beauty one is the most gorgeous. that colr combo is delicious!


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