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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is it really only Wednesday???

It's already been a long week and still 2 days to go before the weekend!

Last night we had a friend from Dave's work come for dinner. He is moving to Queensland so Dave invited him over.

Today it was Megan's turn for a day at home. She was complaining of a sore throat yesterday and today has a cough and croaky voice, so she spent the time at home on the couch :)

I finally got around to doing my One Little Word layout today. I love this challenge blog and once i see the word for the fortnight it plays through my head until I get my page done. I think I have only missed 2 since they started and this one is number 33 and the word was Faith. So many ideas came into my head but the one I went with was this

Don't forget to have a guess and win a RAK on this post here because I am still working on my Project Scrap-Away projects.

Off to my Uncle's funeral tomorrow, taking Elizabeth and Lucy so hoping it isn't going to be as cold, or wet, as they have said on the weather forecast, meant to snow etc lol. I have no doubt that the 'lunch' after will be full of food, talk of good times and lots of memories.

Oh and I forgot CHECK THIS OUT....

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  1. What a neat LO Sharmaine. Sounds like that bug is doing the rounds at your house! Nasty. Hope you don't get it.
    Hope the weather is kind for the funeral tomorrow.

  2. LOVE our FAITH layout!!!!!
    I have been away for ages, so just popping over to see what you have been up to and what you have been creating!!!

  3. your olw-FAITH is grand. so glad I popped over to your blog. Also, so wish time didn't go so fast.... My submission is only a twinkle in the sky still!!!!

    checkout the "double moon" on the 21st - Mars next to the moon. (Midnight my time)+ 8-9 hours for you. hope it shows up on your side of the globe.

  4. omg it reached you all the way over there huh? My daughter is sick with the same thing! Sheesh! That olw page is great my dear!!!

  5. sharmain i love that l/o...the photo just catches me right in my heart & then the orange & blue & that tiny bit of pom pom...love it

    so sorry @ your uncle sharmaine...i'll be sure to light a candle for him



  6. I LOVE this layout!


  7. love the LO!
    congrats on your new gig........looks like lots of FUN!
    sorry to read about your uncle.
    hope those bugs stay away.....its done the rounds at our place too!


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