Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nah Nah Nah Na Na Nah Na Na Nah Hey Jude...

I was going to call this post Day Tripper or Ticket to Ride but this title is more fitting as it is what we heard on our little adventure today. And we heard it loud!!

So gone was the sleep in, stay at home thing nope didn't happen!!
Dave's Mum was over from Melbourne, visiting her parents in Launceston. We had thought about going up but because of soccer we didn't. So this morning Dave and I were finishing our first cup of coffee in bed, when I said "we could have gone up to Launceston after all" remember Megan's soccer had been cancelled, due to weather. Dave replied "yes we could" so I said "well why don't we.. do ya wanna?" so one phone call to Grandpa, pushing four of us through the shower and we all hopped into the van for our adventure, we didn't tell the girls where we were off to!! We called in to Maccas and ate breakfast as we drove, here they are looking and waiting for our drive through order

We got up to Launceston, 2 hour drive, just before 10.30am and Grandma, Dave's Mum, answered the door and was surprised and happy to see us all. Dave's brother came about 11, he was taking her to the airport. He came with his girlfriend and their 2 little ones so, of course, it was family photo time :)

and then the bunny ears started

We decided to go to the airport as well and, because her flight was delayed, we went and had some yummy pies for lunch. We said goodbye to all of them there and then headed home, via a park.

Megan decided to climb this

then Jessica thought she would too

which prompted this little photo shoot ;)

and there was a train track painted on the path so I tried to get a Abbey Road inspired photo but it just wasn't happening lol

we were back home by 3.30pm, which was the same time Grandma had arrived back in Melbourne.

So there is our day!! The girls were SO GOOD and it was a wonderful trip. Great to see Grandma and Grandpa AND Grandma!!!

Dave's soccer game was cancelled tonight so he didn't have to go to soccer today either :)

I haven't started on my Project Scrap-Away project(s) yet. I know what i am going to do, just waiting to start. But I thought I would do something fun. I wondered if you can guess what my theme is going to be. I will have a RAK for the person who guesses correctly. If more than one person makes the same guess I will put those names in a hat and if noone gets it at all I will put all the names in a hat and draw a winner. There will be Tim Tams if it is international, just as an incentive to have a guess lol. I will end the RAK and draw a winner once I have emailed all my creations in, an incentive for me to get on with it lol. So you up for a competition??? Leave a comment and your guess of what theme I am using for my Finale projects :)
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  1. Oh Sharmaine I am just no good at these guessing things! LOL. Maybe a Christmas theme? Is it too early for Christmas?

  2. Allison9:21 PM

    LOL i am guessing I cannot answer this one....seeing I already know hee hee......though those timtams sound good lol

  3. Oh cool you have decided on your theme for PSA :-) Go you. I haven't started either - still digesting ideas LOL! Sounds like you had a beaut day today. Like the train pic heehee.

  4. well, if tim tams are involved...

    you'll do something with turquoise and with the girls pixs, but thats as good as the guessing gets from me, hee!!! : .)

    yay for plans changing, maccas, and for Grandmas!!!

  5. Hmm...nature, self, travel, mothering... Ok I can think of a few possible themes. But I am actually going to guess you've chosen the theme of family! Is that right? :)


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