Thursday, November 27, 2014

REVIEW – Personal Planner

Last year I wrote a review for the lovely people at Personal Planner.
They asked me if I’d like to make another.
It was great timing
Because I had been wanting to get a new planner for next year.
I had loved this years and so I said yes to the review!!
So how does it all work?
It’s easy.

First step
Choose your planner size.
I chose the small size because it fits into my handbag without a hassle.
Next you decide on a cover.
You can go for a plain solid colour, patterns or even one of the fun designer themes.
I opted for using one of my own photos, which are easy to upload and add (to the front or back covers).
You can alter the cover text, so you can personalise to your hearts content.
I kept it simple and just used the year.
You can change the colour of the font and the elastic that runs around the planner.
The next decision is what date you’d like your planner to start.
January 2015 looked like the best option for me.
The great thing about the Personal Planner is that the options don’t stop with the cover.
You now get to decide on what the inside pages look like.
From the language, holidays, layout and even your own personal dates,
The Personal Planner makes all the options easy.
You can choose if you want lines in the calendar boxes,
Space for writing at the top or the bottom of the page
You even get to choose if you’d like check boxes for the weather, work or workouts.
There are design options for the top of each page,
I opted for a plain grey but you have loads of amazing options to choose from.
At the bottom of each page is a “module”.
To which you can add things like a weekly meal plan, to do list,
Check lists or just leave the blank (ready for you to fill with your own notes).
The great thing about the site is you can click on an option
And see what it looks like before deciding.
The back pages also have a great range of options.
You can add yearly overview pages or play around with some of the other options
Like ruled, graph or sheets of music.
The very last pages are also fun. 
Last year I opted for maps but this year I chose the colour in pages. 
Something fun for the days I’m the kids are stuck in the car.
There are also choices like Sudoku, sheets of music
Or address lists (where you can add names and addresses
So your planner comes with them already printed).  
The very last choice you have to make is
What information to place on the Owner Info page.
You can add a personal message, like please return to owner,
And any personal details you wish.
The process is super easy and once you’ve moved through the checkout
Your planner will be with you in up to 3 weeks
(slight delays may occur during public holidays).

This week I’ve had an email from Personal Planner to say
They have now added some other cool ways to personalise your planner.
New fonts, overlays and more. Make sure you check them out
And have fun creating your planner.

You can read my blog post from last year here

Last year’s planner

This year’s planner



Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I will receive a planner, for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are purely my own


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Sunday, November 16, 2014


The new word is up over at One Little Word 





I had fun using up scraps to create this page.
I didn’t realise until today that the photo really worked with this word.
Dave’s face was aglow from the candle light on his birthday cake!
Funny how things like that happen
And you don’t even realise!


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Saturday, November 08, 2014

REVIEW – Little Live Pets

47 sleeps till Christmas.
Yeah I know!!!
How is the present hunting going?
Have you started yet??

Our girls have been dropping hints,
Formulating lists
And eyeballing all manner of catalogues.
A while back they spied a tv commercial for the popular Little Live Pets
By the toy brand Moose Enterprises.

So imagine the delight of our girls when an email hit my inbox
Asking if we would like to review one of these adorable creatures.
How could I say no?!

And so “Cheeky Charlie” arrived
With a very cute note from the PR ladies.


I left the box on the dining table
And waited for the girls to find him after school


They were all very excited
And he was soon brought to life and given a test run.


He sings,
He whistles,
And he can even repeat what you say!


Having him made me think about a Great Aunt of mine.
She used to have a budgie and would teach him all manner of whistles and phrases.
Meeting “Cheeky Charlie” made me think how perfect a Little Live Pet would have been for my Aunt.
He could have visited hospitals.
He wouldn’t need to have his cage cleaned.
He wouldn’t even fly away if the cage was inadvertently left open.

But enough of my words and thoughts
Let the real reviewers have their say.

Little Live Pet Birds are currently available in Target, Toys R Us, Kmart, Big W, Toyworld and Myer

Disclosure: This is not a paid sponsored post.
I received “Cheeky Charlie” for review purposes,
and all opinions expressed are purely our own.


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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cocoa Daisy – Reveal – November 2014 “Weathervane”

Today I had a day at my scrap table.
I played with the Cocoa Daisy kits.
Reveal has happened already so I get to share my three pages with you right now.
As always, I just love the colour combinations each kit offers.
I loved these two papers and threw in the green from a Day In The Life card.
I’ve used a fun photo to create a page about a moment.






This next page was also inspired by the paper.
I love the colour of the pattern paper.
The colour is actually one of my favourite combinations, teamed with “Lagoon” blue.
The blue is what I painted the VERY COOL wood veneer with.
I used an older photo to create this page.
Added some words and viola!







Finally, this page was inspired by one of November’s file cuts.
As soon as I saw the bear I knew what I would do with it.
I had a photo that had been waiting for me to share a story.
I used my Silhouette Cameo and pens with the bear cut file.
I also used one of the November stamps, tucked in behind the photo.
I altered the Heidi Swapp alphas with some mist and they look gorgeous!







Again this month I purchased all the kits (including the Day In The Life kit) and add ons.
The papers in this month’s kits are superb!
So many favourites and so many I can’t wait to use.
And having said that…
There is so much in this kit that I still haven’t touched.
Looking forward to digging into it again soon!!


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cocoa Daisy – Sneak Peek – November 2014 “Weathervane”

Have you seen the sneaks of November’s Cocoa Daisy kit??


My kit has been here for a week but life has taken over and I have only one page underway.

Reveal is at 8pm EST (US time) on the 28th.
That’s about 18 hours or so from now (time conversion are not my strong point!).
Make sure you check out the Cocoa Daisy forum for all the details and chatter.
I’ll be at work so hope you have fun! Will also have my gallery fully loaded by the end of the week.
There are so many great things in the November kits.
The wood veneer and exclusives are some of my favourites!

With December approaching there is also a Document December kit and add on, as well as the DITL Christmas.



They are all on sale now to everyone.
Please note these kits will incur a separate shipping charge.
You can read more on blog
Or purchase them HERE.


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