Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another full day :) went out to vote (election time here in Tassie) and confused the girls by going to school to do so. Megan and Jessica wanted to vote too and pretended to do so!
Home to use our new toy. Was the second time its been used but the first for me (photo of Dave using it the first time).

Am impressed because I started it!! Been a long time since I have mowed the lawn let alone started a lawn mower! What a blessing it is to have a wonderful lawn mower, that doesn't break down and is easy to start Oh and has a grass catcher!
Allison arrived as I started the front lawn so poor Dave got to finish off for me. The afternoon was filled with Shark Tale, dancing, reading library books and general mucking about.
And now i'm off to make a coffee for the king and I before sitting down to watch the telly and start scrapping some big letters for a box I am making for the girls. Its to put all the hair ties etc in, they, the ties not the girls, have been sitting in a plastic bag since we moved, patiently waiting for me to find something to store them in.
Ok better put the jug on or the coffee won't taste that good. Posted by Picasa
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  1. Lorraine9:19 PM

    day 2 well done I am very impressed with this and with you mowing the lawns. Love the photo of Lucy for St Patrick's day. Keep up the good work!


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