Friday, March 17, 2006

Well I've done it now...

Entering the world of the blogger (gee I don't know about that label but i'll wear it and grin!). Its a step that had to be taken at some point and hopefully I won't regret! Time will tell and its time thats needed to fulfill my desire to have something here to show the mayhem of my life.
Today was just an example, dropping Megan off at school, heading down to visit Allison, before coming back to pick Megan up and enter into the darkzone that is 'after-school YUCK'. Is a time of day that I wish never happened but always seems too. Someone is always tired and sooky, another has too much energy is ready to pick on someone else, someone is always cross, hungry, tired or fedup with not having things her own way......... But then you know that once tea is over and bathtime had it will be a blissful time of bedtime stories, sweet smelling sweethearts and cuddles galore. Oh and then silence and stillness until that satisfying moment when you peek into their room and see their sleeping figures breathing gently and then you know that all the hardwork of the day is for just a time as this *sigh*.
So here is the start, of what I hope to be, of daily, or close to, delights in the world of my 4 squirts and a dollop of cream!
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  1. Hey you...
    Love it!!! The name of your blog is great too....cant wait to read your daily news (or close to it

  2. Thanks Allison! Its you I will be blaming lol but I am loving it already, soooo easy and being able to share this way is some sort of special!!

  3. thanks sharmaine. was just thinking of you all again today. great to see into your world and enjoy some of your daily joys and trials. bless you lots

  4. Hi De Ho Bron!! Have been thinking of you too and hope your survivng up in the land of the long smog cloud ;)
    Hope everything is going well and hope to catch up soon


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