Saturday, April 01, 2006


What a cold, wet and 'orrible day!! Snow on the mountain, wonder what winter will bring! The heat pump has been running all day and the air still has a chilly edge!!
Anyway I better backup to yesterday. The day started with a beautiful sunrise:

Before school I thought I would attempt to take some photos of all the kidlets. After a few photos I knew it wasn't going to be my day, BUT I played around with the photos I did take and WOW!! I used the 'couloring' effect on this photo and for the very first time found it worked on this photo and I love it!!

After dropping Megan off at school, we came home to create circles. Jessica had spotted them at school, Megan's class were using them for something, so she asked me to cut out some for her. I did and they were coloured in/drawn on by Jessica and Elizabeth while I finished tidying and completing MY SPOT!! I now have my own little scrapping corner, everything finally has a place and no longer lives in a plastic crate!! Feels good to walk past and see it all sitting there!

Now to have Dave fix the sewing machine and i'm set! Last night I went to Allisons for a scrap, her phone call inspired me to finally unpack and tidy up the corner. Was a great night with her and her friend Josiane. Didn't scrap much but was a lovely time, and a late one for this little vegimite! Thanks though Allison was great to be back scrapping, and making ANOTHER start on the layout of Elizabeth (which you can see in the photo, in the left corner. On display using the stand Allison gave us as a Christmas pressy). Hope to finish the layout soon, waiting on the sewing machine hehehe!
Today started with breakfast in bed for Princess Megan and Princess Jessica, if they stay in bed on the weekends they get B in B. Jessica's grin was far too big!! Been raining most of the day so its been a day of inside stuff. Only played in the sunroom for a little while, before it turned cold again. Elizabeth looked adorable in the pink boa!
Megan spent most of the morning think of ways to 'April Fool' Jessica or Elizabeth. So there was an assortment of spiders in hair (not really!) and Poppy arrived too (not really either!). Don't think they really knew what to think of her antics! They must have been talking about 'special' days of the year at school as she came home talking about knowing when valentine's day was and knows that Easter is on the 14th.
The kitchen clock's batterys ran out today, perfect timing as Dave changed the batterys when her put the clock back. Yay to daylight savings ending and the extra hour that should be spent sleeping!!
Dave played his first soccer match of the year today, I haven't heard him complain yet... Or maybe I just tuned out to that!! Don't envy him standing around in the cold rain and for a 4-0 loss!!! Samuel is back playing and Dave's thinking of going to play with him so we will see if they play together or against!! Might be too much Kruijver for the White Eagles after having a break from then!!
Had an email from Dad to BRAG that they were getting broadband!! WOE AS ME!! We are getting left in the stoneage!! Both Grandma and Poppy with broadband and little old us with our yuck internet connection!! One day, dreaming of the perfect plan for us!!!
Think thats everything out of my little head, I usually log off her and think of something else. Oneday when we have broadband I'll be able to jump back on and chinwag a little more, but enough for now as its taken me awhile to do this, what with all the photos I've added and its always slower doing it this way, but sooooo much nicer!!
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  1. Lorraine2:05 PM

    I am really glad that you spend time putting in the photos I just love them all. You are not the only ones to have a cold day but it was not as cold here as you had, but cold enough for us to lit our first fire for the year.
    Hope the soccer clubs survive 2 Kruijvers back playing! good luck and hope they stay injury free. Look forward to the things that come out of your special spot for your scrapping.

  2. Hey thanks again for coming over to scrap...was a great night with lots of your scrap spot too!!!
    night night


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