Saturday, April 29, 2006

Busy around home type of day

Got to have a little lie in this morning, with everyone coming in and at some point I had everyone in or on the bed, it wasn't lonley!!
Went and did the 'things I didn't get the first time' grovery shopping. Found a DYMO labeling machine reduced from $40 to $15, so I bought it!! Was something I was hoping to get some time in the future but I didn't like to walk past at that price!!
Dave and Megan spent some of the morning play fighting, this is how it usually ends!
Dave left for soccer after lunch (score was 2-1 and I did write it down hehehe) and Dave played a good game so was very happy with the match success.
Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth watched "James and the Giant Peach" this arvo. Wasn't as good as the book but was worth watching.
Today is Elizabeth's second day of having dry pants YAY. She only goes when prompted and there is no way she will do a No. 2, but we haven't had to deal with that one today, just 2 yesterday!!! Told her that if she can have dry pants at bedtime tomorrow she can have a surprise for having 3 days in a row... might be a big week for her! Last night I finished the layout of Jessica and Elizabeth. Also had to add page refills and rearrange my album. Have filled 1 album, which will become Jessica's when I get some new ones. So this layout is the first for the family album. Megan already has her own which is about half full I think. Not bad for almost 9 months work :)
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  1. Love the squares they look great!!!!

  2. Lorraine3:41 PM

    Are you sure you got the soccer scores right?!!!!!


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