Monday, May 01, 2006

A monday that felt like a Thursday

Not sure why but it did. Not much out of the ordinary today. Went to a parent meeting at school this morning. They discussed what is happening while the Principal is away on leave. Didn't learn anything there :)
All in all thats about it. Elizabeth's toilet training seems to be stagnating, in every sense lol. She just doesn't like using the toilet. One plus of that today was she asked not to use the training seat, at least she asked! Think Dave and I need to go out to celebrate when she is fully trained! Is on the exhausting side :) Funny how Megan and Jessica just clicked and were fine, Jessica more than Megan (who sooked for a little while but got there), and Elizabeth is just so different.
Ah well, still smiling!!!
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1 comment:

  1. Just goes to show how different children can be. E will get there. Ohh and by the your title who is the dag!!!!!


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