Sunday, June 25, 2006

Been busy but i'm back!

Well... hello, miss me??? Yeah I know it wasn't that long since I wrote but soooo much seems to have happened!!Friday Dave didn't go to work (what a slack week he has had, workwise anyway lol) because they didn't have any power in their building, I think that is hilarious a power company that can't work because they don't have power hehehe. The day started very early anyway! Lucy woke at 5am so we got up and watched the Soccer. All the girls were up by the end, although not fully focused on the telly, it was nice to know they could say they were watching when we won!Dave spent the morning with the 3 younger ones while I ventured to school with Megan and did a couple hours of parent help. It was a good time which hopefully helped them lol. After school I picked Megan up and we went to get a birthday present for birthday party Megan was going to a little later. Came home, Megan got changed then we all piled into the van and took Megan to Hungry Jacks for the party. We bought chips from the corner store for our tea at home. I picked Megan up when it was finished and then Megan and I went to check out the stocktake sale that was going on at the local scrap shop. Megan loved browsing (and fiddling) and wanted to buy everything so she could use it!! I also finished my Lucy layout.Yesterday, saturday, we had a lazy morning before taking Dave to soccer and heading to Mum and Dads. Mum and Dad leave on Wednesday. Taking the boat over to the mainland, heading up to Queensland before on over to stay in Katherine with Loretta and Makalya. Dad will be gone for about 2 months while Mum is looking at possibly 6. They will be missed (Elizabeth was saying she missed them while we were there!).We called in to say hi to Allison before getting Dave. She asked if I wanted to go to the scrap/pizza night they were having at the shop in town. I did and it was fun and constructive!! I started and finished a layout while I was there, even with the hour or so sitting and pondering that I do!!Today we went to Big W, I was hoping to print some photos but their lab was out of action till midweek. We also wanted to get Megan a jumper for around home and Dave some socks. Although Dave got his socks Megan didn't come home with a jumper. Big W had skirts on sale so Jessica got one, Megan got 2 and 2 t-shirts and Elizabeth a pair of socks.Blogger isn't letting me add photos again so I will add them with the other program, so they will be below. Happy viewing!
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  1. Hey Hello its me...long time no see, no chat hee heee....Love the girls new clothes. Those socks are cute...a couple of my daycare children have them and I think they are great!!! Denim really suits Megan. im glad you enjoyed last was really quiet compared to normal but heaps of fun!!!

  2. Grandma10:03 PM

    I sure missed you, thought that maybe someone else was sick! glad that was not the case. What a laugh that David could go to work because of no power!
    Love all the new clothes and the layouts, brings back memories of your time here in 2001.


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