Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strike 3 and I was out!

Yep I got the belly bug too! 3am Tuesday morning, Jessica woke us with her cough. Both Dave and I jumped out of bed, turned out to be nothing, but as I got back in to bed I had the hot sweats and knew something wasn't right!!
So Dave took Tuesday off (LOVE YOU!) so he could run Megan and Jessica to/from school and look after Elizabeth and Lucy. I spent most of the day in bed trying to sleep, but I was freezing all the time so sleep was hard to come by. Wednesday I felt a little better but still not 100% so Dave dropped the girls off at school and stayed home after getting Jessica at lunchtime.
Yesterday was Dave's 29th birthday and we had my Mum and Dad here for tea. Dave went and bought KFC (played it safe for me!). It was a yum tea and it stayed in!! For his birthday Dave was given some new Goal keeping gloves (from us), Jackie Chan DVDs, Money and some yummo soccer ball shaped chocolates (from his Mum), some money (from his Grandparents) and a book about the SoccerRoos coach and a packet of Black Forest Tim Tams (from my parents). Nice little stash!!!
Today has been the usual run around with grocery shopping thrown in. My stomach didn't like the busy morning and let me know :( Dave's at soccer training and I'm hoping to feel enthused enough to do some more on a layout I started Monday night when I wasn't crook.
Hoping to be up early in the morning too. Australia and Croatia are playing the last game for this round. Will be a very interesting game to watch!
Will leave you with this photo. Was taken by Dave while I was in bed on Tuesday, evidence of what he got up to with Elizabeth and Lucy!!! Yep its a building made from videos! Seems I missed all the fun lol
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