Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy day to keep myself awake!!

Well, we were home before 10 last night. Samuel and Louise did a great job with the girls (we will have to ask them again!!!). Lucy woke as we were leaving so Dave went in and settled her again and it turned out that she was the only one that didn't get up while we were away!!! When we got home Megan and Jessica had gone back to bed but Elizabeth was still up. Tea was a yummy smorgasbord so we didn't have to wait to eat, hence the early home time. We were in bed before 11 but awake from 2am-4. Megan was up vomiting :( so I am really tired tonight and looking forward to some sleep :)
Today we kept busy, I didn't want to sit for too long in case I got sleepy. We all went into town so I could get some meat from the meat and chicken wholesale shops. Dave had soccer this arvo, they lost but I can't remember the score, so after he left, and while Lucy was in bed, we made the most of the lovely sunshine and the 3 girls rode their bikes in the driveway. I took some action shots, here are just 2 of the good ones of Megan(hope they don't make you feel dizzy!).
Also did some gardening, cleaning and cooked a yum tea! Megan went to bed before the others so hoping she sleeps through as do I hope for everyone else, me included!! Oh oh oh I just checked my bank account, paying the phone bill ICK, and Yay I got my tax money!!!
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