Sunday, August 20, 2006

Injurys, layout and a visitor

Well!!!! Thursday night I was cooking tea for the girls, Dave had soccer training to go to, when I was turning a hamburger and the oil spat up and burnt up my little finger, hand and arm. Sounds worse than it is but boy did it hurt!!! So my plans of blogging and then scrapping up a storm, while Dave was at training, went out the window!! As it was I ended up chatting on the phone to Allison and then Bron. Bron left on Friday for Fiji for her Mission trip.
So thats all I can think of to share about Thursday...
Friday night we had Opa come visit for the weekend. Its the first time he has been to our new house and we haven't seen him for almost 12 months, I think. Opa is Dave's Dad and lives up the other end of the state so we don't see him often. He came down mostly to watch Dave play soccer against Uncle Samuel, Dave's youngst brother. This they did on Saturday and Dave's team lost (predictably!!) 4-0. Opa left this morning, very worn out lol he was swamped by his Granddaughters who love him playing 'Gravel Gravel' with them. He puts them on his lap, bounces them around while saying "bitumen, bitumen, gravel, gravel, rocks, rocks, hole in the road" then drops them to the floor. He has done it since Megan was a little baby and they love it!!
Yesterday Allison came visit in the afternoon, stayed for tea and then we scrapped. Was nice to get back in to it, I wouldn't have done if she hadn't come over and motivated me!! So I completed this layout of Elizabeth last night, took me till after 11pm though!!! Thanks Allison!
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  1. I love the outcome......yummmy looks so nice.....the buttons really set it off. Looks like the girls really enjoyed their time with Opa....have a fantastical week


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