Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not much of a Tuesday Tuesday

We didn't get to the library for storytime today. We hadn't read all of the books and Lucy was too crabby so we stayed home. I gave Lucy her lunch before going to get Jessica and by the time we got to school she was asleep in the van!! She stayed that way till I got her out when we got home and went straight back to sleep in her cot till I had to wake her before getting Megan. Hoping all that means is that she is on the mends from this flu and not coming down with something else!!!
Had another headlice search tonight, I found some of the critters on my head this time grrr. So I dosed my hair this morning and hoping that's the last of them FOREVER please!!!!Everyone else was clear so not sure where they came from grrrr again!
*Sigh* if its not one thing its another :( Thinking of becoming a hermit so I don't pick up any more ick bugs, of all descriptions!!! Its either that or start scrubbing people down as they come thru the door!! Oh the joys of it all :) So thankful that it is stuff that goes away or can be fixed.
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  1. Now I told you earlier today that scrubbing down at the door just doesnt seem right to me somehow hee hee......but.......I guess if I wanna come c u and the girls then i'll have to*sigh*.....on a serious note i hope the sickness stays away from your tribe....thinking of you all


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