Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busy few days!!!

Rolling back the clock...
Saturday morning we went to the Model Train show, was the usual crowd with their usual layouts so not overly inspiring. But there must have been just enough inspiration, because when we got home the girls asked to get their Thomas sets out (they have 1 each apart from Lucy but I heard that Santa has one on the way for her). So, as you can see in the photos below, they did and had fun!
Saturday night I went in to Scrapilicious for their Pizza/scrap night. Had a fun night and I completed 2 layouts!!! Photos are above.
Sunday morning we headed off on our 'Roadtrip to pick up Grandma', photos of the trip and Grandma are also below. We took the long way round to get there... We went via Waddamana, to see the power station so the girls had a little more of an idea of what Daddy does for work. Called into Poatina and then on to Launceston, where we stayed the night. Monday morning we did some shopping in Launceston, called into a scrap shop in the CBD and was really disappointed as they didn't have much stock. We then picked up Grandma, from Dave's Grandparents place and headed home. Had lunch at Ross, bought some pies and sausages rolls from the bakery and ate them near the bridge before playing in the playground. Got home around 3 or 4 and then Uncle Samuel and Louise came for tea. After the girls had gone to bed we played Singstar, was a laugh!! Tuesday morning we headed into town for some more shopping. Back home for lunch and after Lucy's sleep we did a little more shopping! We found some good bargains too. Jessica got some tracky dacks for $5, I got a pair of pants for $7, a skirt for $10, I also got a necklace for $8 and picked up another pair of jeans and a top (the top was half price in a sale cos I got the jeans too).
This morning we took Grandma to the airport, goodbyes are sad, then home again. Rang the Dr to get an appointment for Megan, bellyaches are continuing, and got in straight away. So Megan and I jumped back in the car. Have been referred to see the pediatrician who will hopefully have a few answers or at least start the ball rolling to find out whats going on. Also got a letter in todays mail to say Elizabeth in on the waiting list for a speech therapy appointment, which could take up to 10 weeks, so we are waiting that one out too. This afternoon has been full of washing, enjoying the beautiful day, games, drawing, hanging out etc etc etc... just lovely :)
Tomorrow we need to go to the vegie shop and groceries and tomorrow night I am off for my first ever class at Scrapilicious. Learning how to make a tab book, not quite sure if thats what they are called so hope you know what I mean, but will show you what I have made after I make it!!! A little over 3 weeks to go till the Scrapilicious retreat! Yikes :)
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  1. Busy Busy Busy.....hope things have slowed down today
    Love all the piccys, looks like everyone had a great time with grandma.


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