Sunday, October 29, 2006

Glorious Sunday

What a beautiful day it turned out to be! Was meant to be cold, which it was at times, and wet, which it wasn't. We went to Shane and Anna's for lunch, to celebrate Imogen's 1st birthday. The sunshine was just glorious! It did get very cold at times but it was a lovely day.

Last night Allison came over for tea and we scrapped together and both of us finished 2(!!) layouts each!!! So here are mine, Allison I didn't do anymore to Jessica's, as you can see!

Yesterday we went into town, got the girls a Wiggles CD with the voucher Mum sent them, joined Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth up for Spotlights kids club, bought Imogen's birthday pressy, looked around for a bit and Dave bought doughnuts. Dad called in for a little while in the afternoon, he was out this way at a hardware store. The girls had lots of fun jumping all over their Poppy and I think he quite enjoyed it too!!!

Friday night we had snow! Allison rang around 7.30pm to say it was settling on their porch, they are just above sealevel, and when I looked out our window you could see the snow mixed in amongst the rain. This photo is of Mt Wellington, from our front lawn, that I took Saturday afternoon. Certainly has been an amazing month of weather! 2 weeks ago we had bushfires and high temps!

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  1. Thanks again for your hospitality...sounds like you had a good day today too...glad you left the Jessica layout as it was as I loooovvveeee it!!!


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