Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snoozey, shivery and shoppy Saturday

Last night was fun, Josiane and Allison arrived as tea was about to be served. We had a lovely roast beef dinner and later Dave cooked us some yummy dumplings, as requested! I started a layout of Lucy but the procrastinating got the better of me and it is still incomplete.
We were up first thing this morning, we took the girls to check out little athletics and that started at 8.30. It was very cold and windy so after an hour we came home. Jessica got to go in the 150m race while Megan went in a 400m and learnt how to throw the shot put. Both girls came 5th in their running. Elizabeth also participated in 'little tots' and loved running around. They want to go back again but not sure how it will all work as logistically both Dave and I will need to be there and that means Lucy too and if the weather was like it was today... well BRRRR.
After lunch Dave made me have a nap and then after Lucy woke we went to the hardware store. I wanted to get some paint that makes the surface magnetic but the didn't sell it, hadn't for years. We ended up with a new door handle for the garage and a new ironing board.
Off to the airport in the morning to pick up Dad. He had to go back up to Darwin as his Brother died up there last week and the funeral was on Thursday. So the girls are looking forward to seeing him again. Still haven't heard what Mum is planning on doing but am sure we will find out soon enough :)
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  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    A big thank you for the yummy yummy dinner and dessert......just what the doctor ordered......

    thanks for the scrap time at least i got to finish up the TV anmd yes the legs are glued on......

    glad to here the girls had a good time in spite of the brrr weather


  2. I wish I had your doctor Josiane!!!
    yay to your telly and your MORE than welcome ;)


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