Sunday, November 26, 2006

First things first...

The winner of my 300th post competition. Since it was my 300th post and my favorite number is 3 that was the number chosen. So the winner is comment number three, which belongs to Drum roll please.... Anna!! Well done! I will have to think of something special and I will post it off to you. It might not be till next week though, after we get back. So look out for your posty! Thanks to all who left comments and thanks for taking part in my 300th post. Here's to the next 300 ;)
Today has been cold then sunny, cold then sunny again. It is sunny right now but there are lovely grey clouds looming. Got to have a nap this arvo and woke up cold so hoping I'm not getting a cold (will have Allison to thank if I do lol).
Dave put up some more Christmas lights today and we got out some of the noisy Christmas things. Will leave you with this photo of Lucy investigating one of them, a movement sensor one.
Only 29 sleeps to go!!!
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  1. Who me......I haven't got any germs I didn't share any germs with you.....nope not me.....hee hee

  2. now I see I have already lost...


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