Saturday, November 18, 2006

When things don't go your way...

Today was meant to be a good day with happy things happening... twas not to be :)
The school had a fundraiser, where you pay $10 to get a photo from a photo sitting and the opportunity to purchase a pack with 3 sittings. Well we booked ours in for this morning and rocked up. Had some lovely photos taken of us all, I hope they were lovely as I didn't see them, and then the girls had their chance to shine. Sadly it just didn't work out. Elizabeth didn't really want to be there, Lucy didn't know what was going on, didn't appreciate sitting on Megan and because i had to 'disappear' so the attention could be on the camera, she was looking around for me. So after a few attempts the guy just gave up and told Dave that was it. Then we find out that you can't get any photos unless you have the 3 sittings (Family, the girls and then us) AND you don't get your $10 photo unless you get the pack. So very sadly disappointed I got my $10 back and came away feeling cross that they hadn't mentioned any of this in the flyer we had got at home!! Didn't like that it was all down to the 10 minute time slot they allowed for each family and that THEY decided when enough was enough. For the last 2 years we have had the opportunity for family photos taken and never had it this tough before. Makes me appreciate the lady who took our photos before!!
So home again and not to waste the opportunity of having all 4 girls in nice, clean white t-shirts I took some photos at home! This wasn't meant to be either! After 3 shots, with Lucy getting upsetter by the minute, my battery died. So, after recharging it, I then took some photos of each of them in a chair by themselves. Not many of the photos were any good but hey I have them :)

Lucy's t-shirt says it all!!!

The rest of the day was then filled with Dave mowing the lawn, a little gardening and enjoying the sunshine :) I gave Megan my camera and she took some shots of Dave and I, she loved it and she didn't do too bad a job either!

Tomorrow we hope to go to a BBQ that Dave's work is putting on at the park just up the road. Meant to rain so it will be interesting ;)
Last night I finshed the layout from retreat. Is a little different to what Julie showed us but I'm never one to stick to rules and find it hard doing someone else's stuff ;) I have part read Elsie Flannigan's 52 Challenges, started at the back and reading forwards... don't ask me why cos I just did that's why ;)
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  1. Grandma9:08 PM

    Your comments on taking family photos reminds me of the smae problem happening with 3 little boys, so you are not on your own. Have all the photos you took after you came home.

  2. grandma9:11 PM

    Oops I can't spell, also the second sentence should read, Love all the photos you took!!!!

  3. Julie LOVE8:45 AM

    Sorry to hear that you didn't get a good family pic BUT I LOVE the ones of you and Dave!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished layout from the retreat have done a wonderful job :0) love all that stitching on the flowers

    Have a great day



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