Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ick-ness almost gone

and a huge yay to that! Today I haven't felt as drained and clogged up, just a bad earache that a panadol helped me get thru.
Today our day was spent clearing out bits and pieces in the garden so Dave could take a load to the tip. This afternoon we went to Bunnings Hardware, to spend a voucher we were given for Christmas, and bought some more bits for the sprinkler sysytem so Dave can expand it and/or make it better. The rest of the day was filled with cricket watching and the girls playing, either mucking about or on the computer.
Hope your day was just as nice and full of non-ick stuff :)
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  1. Allison7:40 PM

    Glad your less icky!!

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear that you've been sick :O( Love your Chrissie photos and aren't the tshirts cute!
    Love your little Christmas puddings, they look divine.


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