Tuesday, January 16, 2007


That was the challenge I set for our little challenge group. So last night I started and blow me down I completed 2 layouts!! The first was of my much loved cup that was broken probably 2 years ago. I loved that cup lol. I was chatting to Dave and somehow the conversation spurred my brain into thinking about my long lost friend and I knew I had a photo of it soooooooo scrap it I did! Why you might ask... Well, for me coffee is an important part of my day and this cup spoke so much about coffee, maybe because it was a Nescafe one??!! And it truly was a great cup to drink from, just the right shape for holding, just the right texture for drinking and well basically it was wonderful! One of a set of 4, of which none are around any longer, and all free with the Nescafe Beans promotion, that I wish they would bring back! The other layout is of Davie Babes cos I love him :) So now waiting on Allison and Mel to catch up (hee hee) to see what the next challenge will be, looking forward to it with slight trepidation!

Today has been hot, as it has everywhere, flicking through the channels on telly I saw on the Ten news that it was still 39 degrees in Melbourne right now ICK. Thankful for the Tasmanian summer but it is still too hot!! So the girls and I spent the day indoors. Reading, playing boardgames, watching telly, mucking about etc. They got to have some stewed apricots and icecream for pudding tonight too. We are about to head in to the 'too many apricots' phase and so I chopped up the ones we had inside, to freeze, to make room for the next lot. Nope not sick of them yet but I did notice that the peacharines were riping up and shhhhh Lucy and I shared a greengage yesterday, it was a small one but the others are still a little way off being ready, oh and then there are the 2 nectarine trees!!
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  1. Two layouts for this challenge!! Jeepers Sharmaine, you are on fire this week. THe circle layouts are very cool. I can't give you the next challenge yet because I need to catch up first, LOL...does that count? Is it allowed?


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