Sunday, January 07, 2007

Eyes, feet, mouth and hands...

Well, I haven't blogged for 2 nights and wow have so much to share, lots of photos too!!
To start with MY PARCEL ARRIVED YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! So thats all unpacked, repacked and drooled over!! Started reading my 'look book' and glad I got to buy it! Love all my little goodies!
OK so what else...
Dave had to go to Burnie for work, so he headed of first thing, then a little later in the day Megan got something in her eye. After looking and washing it I found a little speck on her cornea and it wasn't budging. So off to the Dr we all went. While waiting with the Sister in the Treatment Room, for about half hour, Megan complained about her eye again, it was watery and when I looked the speck had gone. So, when the Dr finally came to look, there wasn't anything there, which was a huge relief. She put some dye in Megan's eye and looked at it with an ultralight, to make sure it wasn't scratched etc, it was fine. So we then had to go get some drops in case of infection. Because it was so hot that day and the girls had been really good we went to Maccas and got an icecream and then some lunch to bring home.

If you look carefully you can see the yellow dye around Megan's right eye and some got in her sinus so you can see it up her nose, didn't know that till we put the photos on the computer!

Then in the afternoon we were outside again and this time Jessica got bitten on her foot, I pulled out the stinger so thinking it was a bee. Lots of screams, icepacks, wails and tears later the little bite was red and swollen.

Dave got home after 5pm and then we went down to Mum and Dad's for tea. We went down there again today for lunch. Megan is there overnight for a 'holiday' not sure if we are getting her tomorrow or not, playing that by ear ;)
We went and picked up Dave's car from work. On the way we called in to a sports warehouse and got our belated Anniversary pressy, an exercise bike. So when we got home Dave had fun setting it up and then jumping on for a spin, as you will see by the photo he is a bit of a goose! We also picked up a pair of rollerblades that were reduced. So that became Megan's Christmas present, to replace the Karaoke machine we had to return as it didn't work. Now she has the new ones Jessica has Megan's old ones. They both had fun 'skating' around the house, it had been raining since Friday arvo so we were stuck inside.

After lunch I went to Allison's via Kmart to get my photos printed. Had a lot of fun scrapping and nattering and even completed 2 layouts and completed another one.

After getting home today we all had an apricot off the tree. Yes Grandma, we did think of you as we ate them and I even have one to share and the proof it was yummy :)

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  1. Allison7:20 PM

    Sounds like it was all fun and games on friday and I am suprised you made it through the day!! Glad you enjoyed Sat and I love the layouts!!!!\

  2. Grandma9:09 PM

    Thanks for sharing the apricot with me, I can almost taste it! Glad the eyes and feet are ok now and hope you all survive the exercise bike


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