Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey Hey Hey

I got to scrap last night with my bestest buddy and newest scrap buddy!! Yep Dave scrapped!!
There was nothing on telly so he suggested I pull out the table and then asked for his paper.
Here is his layout:

And here is mine:

I also started another, for next months challenge at The Thank You Blog, so you will have to stay tuned for that one :)
Not really happy with my scrapping at the moment, it just isn't' doing it for me. But happy to get the photos on paper and the story out of my head! The photos of Jessica were taking June 2004 and I am glad that I could finally have on paper how it happened! Now to find photos of Megan after she scarred her nose when she drove her bike into the wall of the house (and she didn't learn from that because she did it another time too!!).
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  1. Well done to Mr Kruijver on his first scrapbooking attempt....I am gathering he loves his wife a lot hee hee

    Sharmaine your layout is memmory although it would have hurt a lot at the time.


  2. not bad for a bloke who never got his pen licence... It is of course without any spelling errors and meets all appropriate Australian Standards including safety, environmental and use of colour.

  3. cool that your DH scrapped, and how sweet that he scrapped about you.

  4. Wow, David, I am impressed!!!! Where was all this hidden talent when you had to projects at school? All this must have come from living with Sharmaine, as you did not get it from your mother.


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