Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another update

because life, love and lentils haven't allowed me to update till now...
Let's see... Friday I was tired and just couldn't be bothered crawling to the computer.
Saturday... We went to a park and who should turn up just after we got there?? Kanina, Phil, Mikayla and Kyle!! Was great to catch up with them again while the kids played. They all had a great time till we had to leave as Jessica was feeling a little ill. We thought it was because of the dizzy wizzy things that she had spent most of her time on, but it wasn't (more on that later!).
Came home and had lunch, then Dave and Elizabeth helped me pack my scrap stuff into the van and I headed to Allison's. We both went to a stampin' up party, I made a card but haven't photographed it so you will have to take my word for it. And then we went back to Allison's for some scrapping.
Around 7pm Dave rang to say Jessica had been sick so I packed my stuff and choofed off home. She threw up again around 10pm and today has been a little quiet and went to bed around 5 without tea. Hoping tomorrow is a happier day for the poor little mite.
So today was another Sunday at home. The girls all had their Thomas sets out and took over the loungeroom, Dave made biscuits with them again, this time they iced them and the rest of the day was filled with general mucking about etc etc etc
Today I also completed the layout I started at Allison's.

It is for the One Little Word Challenge. This is their first challenge and it's the word GO. I already had in mind a layout for this photo so I jumped at the chance to be a part of the first challenge.
Hope your weekend has been ok and your new week wonderful.
Take care :)
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  1. How coool!!! I love your (free-)style!!

  2. This is real funky, love it. Those arrows are fab!!

  3. Hi Sharmaine

    What a cool layout...the little dots around the kids legs look really effective!

    Poor Jessica :-( I really hope she is feeling better tonight.

    Megan xx

  4. hello lovely....Second time looking at the layout and it is the first time that I have noticed the dots around their it. Looks cool!! I love your"elsie" paint too!!

  5. I hope Jessica feels better tomorrow when she wakes up, the poor little darling.
    This layout is reall cool Sharmaine -loving that paint on there that you managed to track down, well I think it's *that* paint.

  6. janine kaye11:12 PM

    i love use of the word!!! love your journaling too!!!

  7. Grandma8:26 AM

    Like all the other comments I love the layout and have the same hopes and dreams for the girls as you. Hope that Jessica is feeling better today and that no one else in the family gets it.

  8. So happy you came to play! Love this layout & that photo cracks me up!

    One Little Word

  9. LOVE your layout!!! So fun!!!


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