Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Howdee Tuesdee

So today:
* Allison came to visit with 3 of her day care kids, was a great visit and we all enjoyed having them THANKS ALLISON!!
* Elizabeth called out at 6.30am "Mummy... mumble mumble...Mummy... mumble mumble...". I went in and said "yes" she said "whats wrong with my voice" (she had to say it a couple of times before I figured what she said) so I quickly turned on the light thinking she had vomited. "have you been sick?" I asked "noooo whats wrong with my voice"... poor tyke has a cold :( she has spent today feeling a little forlorn while sporting a snotty nose.
* play group this afternoon was good, as always.

Dave is off to Sydney at 4.50am tomorrow, back Thursday afternoon, we will pick him up from the airport after school.
I keep forgetting to say yay to Max and Barb on Rob and Nuch's wedding on Saturday. I hope you all had a lovely day, was thinking of you all, just kept forgetting to say so on here!! Will be thinking of you all with Bek and Mike's wedding soon and hope you have a safe flight over.
Take care everyone and thanks for dropping by :)
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  1. Im the layout laaadddyyyyyy (does that sound like signing?) I loved my E cuddle today even though she was feeling sick!!
    thanks again for today

  2. Poor little darling, it seems that a lot of colds are going around atm. Luckily my kids have only had very small doses. Hope it clears up soon, nothing worse than having a nose full of snot.


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