Thursday, June 07, 2007

Is it really Thursday already??

half the holidays are almost gone, but that list is shorter again today!!!
I stayed home with Lucy while Dave took the other girls with him. They went and dropped the van off first thing to see the 'car doctor'. Thankfully it was only a service and they didn't find anything terribly wrong with it!!!
Dave mowed the lawns today while I swept up some of the leaves and pulled out some of the old tomato plants. We also moved the compost around and I have to say that one of the worst smells ever is composting apricots! NOT NICE AT ALL!!!
Cleaned up my 'scrap spot' and threw lots of stuff out. Stuff I held onto just in case... things like containers that might come in handy and haven't. I also put magnets on the back of some sticker-ised creatures that Megan bought me while on her big trip with Mum and Dad 2 years ago!! They had been sitting there for that long and I needed some more magnets for my board so killed 2 birds with one stone!!
I asked Megan and Jessica to clear a path in the sun room this afternoon and they took it upon themselves to clean it up and I have to say its impressive, but we had to ask them to stop as it was getting too cold out there, they were disappointed to stop lol
Dave's at soccer training tonight, brrrrr. I am crossing some more things off our list by paying his car rego and hopefully finding some accommodation up North for when we drop Grandma off next weekend. I think that's all I had to do lol
Happy Anniversary to Allison and Dale. I hope you have a nice night together.
And I hope it was an alright type of day for everyone else! Thanks for visiting :)
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