Friday, July 13, 2007

Why is it...

that when you bake choc chip cookies you have to have 4 as soon as they come out of the oven??!!

Yep made some of these this morning, made smaller ones so there were more of them, and have some cooked but frozen pumpkin out to make some pumpkin muffins later.
This morning we went to pick up Dad's hearing aid (it was in being fixed) and after picking up Megan and Jessica from school, this afternoon, we will go down and deliver it and then the 4 girls are staying over at Mum and Dad's. So have to remember to pack their bags before then!! Will pick up the girls tomorrow while Dave is playing soccer.
I scrapped last night, for the One Little Word Challenge. The new challenge was "SIMPLICITY".

Journaling says "Elizabeth and Lucy show that to play with Pop (bubble wrap) is to play with Simplicity"
Thanks for visiting and don't forget the RAK I have to giveaway (see below for details) will draw a name Saturday.
Take care and have a super weekend :)
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  1. grandma1:19 PM

    Hi there, congrats on your 500th blog, it has been great reading it each day, keep up the good work. Hope you all enjoy your weekend

  2. This is soooooooo cute! Love it!

    one little word

  3. What a great LO! Tooo cute!

  4. cool use for bubble wrap!!! very cute!!

    one little word

  5. Peggy7:52 AM

    cute page

  6. Love the page sharmaine.....and remember to save me the cookie even if it is moldy when I get it hee hee.....;-)

  7. Wow I love that Lo Sharmaine. Cool idea to use the bubble wrap on the page. Those cookies look so yummy, I bet they didn't last long.


  8. Chocolate chip cookies are addictive!

    And love the simple joy of popping bubble wrap -- great thing to immortalize!

  9. The OLW layout is SO cool!!!

  10. How cool!!! Love this LO!
    Just fineshed mine!


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