Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A lot about Chooks...

We made this pair of chooks yesterday at Pre Kinder

and these

and then I went to Bron's Hens night and had a cackle of a time :)

Good bits about today

*Our lovely next door neighbour accepted Megan's invitation and came up to school to look at their science display on Antarctica. The whole school had done bits in their science classes. It was really nice of him to come have a look because, firstly, he didn't have to. Secondly, we don't really know him (ie we only moved in 18 months ago) and thirdly he has his own grandkids that he would be doing the same thing for. SO REALLY NICE!!

*Dave came home for lunch and had a coffee with me. LOVE THAT!!!

Hope you have had some good bits through your day that you can reflect on :)
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  1. I just love kids art. Those chooks are too cute. I might just have to pinch that idea myself! LOL

  2. It's the chook family!!! hee hee.....(((((bighugs))))) to you my friend as I know you need it!!

  3. norty boy7:52 AM

    Love you you old chook....

    especially the legs and ....

  4. Sharmaine I love all your chookies!

    What a nice neighbour you have too, to come along to the display at school...nice to see people sharing the love!

    Megan xx


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