Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another load of randomness!!

Been busy running around. Yesterday we had our first 'dis fluency' group. This first session was meant for parents only but I took Elizabeth and Lucy with me. It was an introduction to what we would be doing in each session and an overview of why people stutter and what we need to do to help Elizabeth talk more clearly. they had set up a little table, off to the side for Elizabeth and Lucy, with pencils, paper, puzzles and some book, and they were such wonderful girls that it wasn't till near the end before they started getting bored and wanting my attention.

Home for lunch and then off to playgroup in the afternoon. They got to make Elephant ears. Elizabeth loved hers so much she wore then eating tea and Dave said she put them back on after her bath!!

Megan had Guides lastnight so it was grocery shopping for me!

Today we had playgroup in the morning and they got to make bunny ears.

I also took some photos of the 3 tulips we have out at the moment, seems our bulbs just don't like it here as we haven't had many bloom!

We were all set to go visit Allison for the day tomorrow, but she is running a fever so we are staying away. Hope your better soon!

Not much else, so thanks for visiting :)

PS for Grandma, got your mail today. Thanks for the CD photos are now loaded on computer. Elizabeth got her 'chips' and said "OH THANK YOU" whereas Jessica got her pen and said "about time".... I reminded her that it was her that lost it and that it was you who found it and returned it... Thank you on behalf of them both :)

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  1. grandma11:15 AM

    Glad to find those things for the girls. A very big thank you for the yummy chocolates and the hippo! Miss you all.

  2. cute ears!!! :)

    enjoy the weekend Sharmaine!
    planning to crop? *wink*
    wish you could come over to my place. we can chat, eat, crop, eat, eat and chat...hehehe


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