Wednesday, October 17, 2007

7 sleeps

Yep only 7 till I go with Dave to Melbourne! Looking forward to the break :)
Wednesday is my busy busy day. We have been to Speech Therapy this morning and playgroup this afternoon and Megan has Guides in the evening when I go do the grocery shopping. Woke feeling tired and looking forward to the weekend :)
So because of the busy-ness I thought I would blog now and share what I completed last night.


"Even when your sick it tastes great"

"On our holiday to Grandma's house we all got sick you were off your food for a few days but this icecream seemed to hit the spot"

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. love the painted journaling spot ! have fun in Melbourne :)

  2. Yes, even when you're sick it DOES taste great!!

    Sharmaine, we need to talk. You have done something like 7 posts since I last checked my bloglines. I know we have spoken about this before!!!!!! You are a blogging queen and I am struggling to keep up with you!

    Enjoy the countdown before you leave - and I know you will have lots of fun in Melbourne :-)

    Megan xx

  3. Hi Sharmaine !
    Thanks for visiting !! and ...loooooove that cute LO !! oh yeahhh it still tastes good !!
    ...well....if i don't read you before 7 days, have a FANTASTIC time in Melbourne !!! :)


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