Monday, October 22, 2007

Some eww, some ahh and maybe some yee haw

Today was spent around home... cleaning... washing... you get the idea.

We were blessed with some sunshine today so we got outside. These two are amazing! I love how they just get on so well, and when they don't they don't, and how they really are good friends.

Here is Miss E doing what she does best, being a nature girl and dissecting a bean!

And Miss L being brave with a snail

Last night I scrapped these 2 creations:

Craig and Carly are coming to visit tomorrow for lunch, looking forward to catching up and also having Dave home for lunch ;)

2 sleeps to go yee haw!

Hope you all have a super day, take care and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Love my little girlys!!!!! Love that they were having fun!!! Totally love your layouts and love that they are a little different from normal...and as you can see I am just spreading around a whole lot of love

  2. Awww, they look like they're having fun. Great pages, especially love the laugh lines one.

  3. Your gals are so adorable.

  4. eeew...snails!! he he....they're so brave! Lovin the pages, too! =)

  5. Mari Mutt7:47 AM

    You've been tagged!

  6. grandma9:48 AM

    Bring some summer clothes it is forecast to be 31 on Saturday in Melbourne look forward to seeing both then.

  7. Hey Sharmaine,

    I think your doubles are just fabulous - I love the laugh lines one especially!

    Hope you have a nice lunch today :-)

    Megan xx

  8. I love your layouts!! Theyre awesome! I love the sizes - big fan!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! xx

  9. Great pages!!! and yr gals are so adorable!!


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