Wednesday, November 07, 2007

7 sleeps!!!

and now I will be flying by myself... Dave has to go over earlier in the day for a meeting :( so will have to take something to do and amuse myself on the plane.

Well today's half over and we have completed all the things on the top half of my to do list!!

Elizabeth had speech therapy, was sad that it was our last session with the lovely Kylee. She is just brilliant with Elizabeth and both her and Lucy loved her!! So she is going to send us a letter soon and a copy to the school in January. We then need to follow it up next year, when Elizabeth starts Kinder, so they get a speech therapist for her.
From here we went and got Dad a birthday present, some things for lunch and then on home to eat it!!
So the rest of our day will be playgroup, get Megan and Jessica from school, home, wait for Dave then on to Mum and Dad's for b'day tea :) We rang this morning and my sister was making a cake Yay and yum!!
This is a layout I finished last night, took me much longer than usual!! Is for a challenge over at Music Makes The People Come Together where you had to watch a music clip for inspiration. Loved the green and white and then bits of yellow, red and black.

Hope you have a fun day, thanks for visiting :)
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  1. I so love your layout!

  2. I´m a designer at K-JOI studios and I have been looking at your welldesign and most delicate designs layouts. I really would like to see them at the gallery because they are really great. So I invite you to K-JOI and post.

    If you also visit my blog I really want to link to you – but them I meed you to leave a comment there. I want to add you to my blog inspiration round.

    Hope to se you both at K-Joi and my blog.

  3. that is a great photo of Dave!

    maybe you'll do some scrapping during your flight? *wink*

    have a fun day!

  4. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Hey Sharmaine,
    Neen put me on to your blog, its amazing!! I love your work,
    Amanda Aitken xx

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    your husbands a spunk! green is such a flattering colour for his hair!

  6. the husband7:49 AM

    You cheeky bugger you!!!


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