Friday, November 23, 2007

Hold on to your hats...

A little bit of a photo overload, but I think its going to be worth your time :)
So today was a student free and Daddy home day. So Dave made a HUGE start on the Christmas decorating.

Unpacking our new 'non-living' tree.

Is our first year of having one and it was relatively pain free :)

So the poor naked tree just couldn't wait to be dressed and dressed it was!

Until it looked positively smashing!

So now we have lights in the lounge room, in the dining room, the hallway and even the bathroom!!!!

And he hasn't even started outside yet!!

So while Dave had the girls entertained this is what I did.

Meet Sunshine who is now best friends with Elizabeth

Sunshine was made from an old polar fleece vest that I was going to toss, her apron is part of an old bib and she even has some American Craft flowers that look lovely :)

And Cat-a-pat who was requested by Lucy.

Cat-a-pat was created from a pair of cord pants that the elastic had worn out, legs, arms and tail are from a pair of school pants that had holes and ears and eyes are from the same bib as used in Sunshine. Love this type of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!! Both of them were pretty easy to make and were all free-handed... Glad I am not a perfectionist ;) This is the first time I have made anything like this and I really want to make something for our niece who has a birthday next month, want to make something different and funky for a 9 year old so now I have made a start at 'practicing'. Megan and Jessica have put in their requests so they will be next ;)

Ok to finish this montage of photos here is a layout I created last night for the One Little Word Challenge. The word was 'full'. I had heaps of ideas but when I went to do it this one just worked well and all those that know Elizabeth will be nodding saying YES!!! The larger photo was taken by my Mum one time when the girls stayed there.

Well I hope you stayed awake to the end and enjoyed all the goings on at our place :)
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  1. Allison8:04 PM

    That layout so typically it!!!!!

  2. LOVE your layout!!
    And Love the photos of you guys getting the tree and home ready from chrisse!!! Your tree looks great!! I cant wait to put up my tree!! Im doing it next week!!
    Xx Jess

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Love the LO......Elizabeth..that's my favourite girl....shhh don't tell the others! LOL .....she has a lot of what reminds me of me at that age....


  4. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I so have to put up my Christmas decoration. It's my favorite Holiday!! And how creative are you for making adorable stuffed animals. I love them. Too cute!! Your layout is adorable. I have a son who never seems to get full either. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Every year Steve wants to buy more xmas lights, he's obsessed with them, and every year I say no and every year we end up with more :D
    I have some scrap stuff up on my blog but if you want to see those layouts with the correction tape go to, as of tomorrow.
    They had a little comment comp, and the 20 prizes were the WHOLE range (very generous) of the aussie 'been there, done that'..had to do at least one project for the site though. I did 3. They start putting them up tomorrow.

  6. Can't believe you got the tree up and decorated. Very impressive!

  7. Oh your tree is up and looking beautiful Sharmaine! I have ours still in a will be up and on display next week though.

    I love the toys you have made, and especially so because they have been made out of old stuff - legend!

    Fab layout too....due to all yours and Mel Goodsell's constant accomplishments, I swear Tasmania has more hours in the day than the mainland!

    Megan xx

  8. the tree is so pretty!!!

    and love your layout Sharmaine!
    as always :)

    enjoy the weekend :)


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