Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Right now...

This is what Jessica, Elizabeth and Lucy are doing!

Am surprised they are sitting so still but I suppose it is a treat to watch telly before bed. They all ate early tonight as Dave and Megan were going rock climbing for Guides, Dave was going to help. So we got ready for bed, read books and now they are quietly watching telly AMAZING!!

Took some photos today, love this one of Lucy but don't like the metal drum behind her... will see what I can do with that lol

Love how these 2 play together, never ceases to amaze me!

Yes Lucy is pushing Elizabeth on the swing!!

Last night I scrapped :)

and this one is for the Scrapping The Music challenge. I love it because I finally used a photo that Allison took for us in 2005 :)

I added some links to my sidebar today, so if your in need of inspiration or a colour fix go check out some of them, hope you find something you like ;)

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  1. milkcan7:31 PM

    Awesome photos! And, I really like the painting you did on your layout!

  2. Allison8:28 PM

    I think I need to update the family shot now that I can take photos a little better lol.....
    nice catching up on your day.

  3. Great photos!!
    LOVE your layouts!! Especially the one with your family photo!!!! fantastic!!
    Xx Jess

  4. I love the family photo!!! What a sweet family!!

  5. love love love those layouts!!

  6. Gorgeous Family you have Sharmaine :)


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