Monday, November 19, 2007

Summer is on it's way!!

It has been HOT today. Lots of running around, post office, bank, fruit shop, supermarket, to school again because Jessica left her home reader AND her school hat at home and then this afternoon we had pre-kinder at the 'other school'. we told the girls tonight that they would be changing schools. It went as expected so at least this initial stage is over, now to see what follows!!!!

Lucy and Elizabeth had sleeps for me today!! YES I WAS AMAZED TOO but not surprised as they are all very tired girls! Dave surprised us by coming home for lunch, which woke Elizabeth, as he had forgotten to take his bag with all his work from Sydney. Was nice to see him :)
Ok on to Sydney. The Thursday and Friday Dave had work stuff all day so I walked around looking at shops. Everything was expensive and there was much found to cross of the Christmas list. My sneakers gave me a few blisters so I went and bought some sandals which made my feet cooler but gave me new blisters lol!!

This picture is of my friend the monorail!! After walking around ALL of Thursday morning, and I covered ALOT of territory, I bought a day ticket for the monorail and enjoyed zooming around everywhere instead of walking!

This picture is of Cockle Bay in Darling Harbour. We walked along here to meet a coworker of Dave's for tea on Thursday night.

Friday night we caught a train out to have dinner with Dave's Aunt and Uncle who had also invited his cousin and her husband and then later another of Dave's cousin came after he finished work. Was a fun time :)

Saturday morning we caught a bus out to a shopping centre that had some factory outlets. Not many bargains there either.

Caught the bus back in and had a quick lunch before going to see Respect The Musical starring Ronda Birchmore! I was sitting there pinching myself! The play was excellent and the cast JUST AMAZING!! Loved it all!!!

Saturday afternoon we caught a train which ended up being a bus (thanks Sydney rail lol) and went down to Circular Quay and then walked around The Rocks, taking in the Opera House and walking under the bridge.

Spied Hugo Weaving as we walked around and there were a zillion weddings around the place for photos and receptions!! We had tea in China Town before taking a final tour courtesy of my friend the monorail.

Sunday morning we were up early to check out, catch a taxi to the airport, have breakfast and buy a little gift for the girls before catching our plane home. The girls were excited to see us and VERY tired, hence Elizabeth and Lucy needing a sleep today!! So yes had a lovely time away but tired and glad to be home with our girls :)

Thanks to those that stopped by while I was away. Will be drawing a RAK winner tomorrow :) So, as always, thanks for visiting :)

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  1. sounds like you had a great time. Welcome home.

  2. It looks beautiful there....Love the pics!!

    It's so funny to hear you say that Summer is almost there!!! We have just entered Fall and winter is on the way!!

  3. Lucky you! Looks like a fun trip and you got some gorgeous pictures.

  4. Welcome Home Sharmaine!!!

    looks like you had a really enjoyable trip :)


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