Monday, December 03, 2007

Did you know Santa has such cute helpers??

FINALLY I have a decent Christmas photo of the girls and I couldn't get it printed!!!
We had an impromptu dinner with Mum and Dad last night, they came and brought salad and cold roast lamb and tomorrow is Mum's birthday so we are going there for tea tomorrow night.
Dave leaves early in the morning for 2 nights in Melbourne, one of those he is staying with his Mum, HI GRANDMA!! So tomorrow, when we go to Mum and Dad's, Elizabeth and Lucy are staying over for 2 nights. What will I do with myself I hear you ask... welllllllll!!! Wednesday morning I'm taking Megan and Jessica to visit the school we will be transferring to next year, I have Christmas biscuits to make, Jessica will help me with the grocery shopping while Megan is at Guides Wednesday night, I'm hoping we get to walk to school at least once, hoping to clean the sunroom and toss out all the broken toys and anytime left.... well we will see ;) Dave doesn't get back till late Thursday, unless everything gets done earlier over there, so lots of time to fill :)
How has your week started out?? Hope it's starting as a happy one :) thanks for visiting
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  1. Grandma7:15 PM

    What a fantastic photo of the girls! I am looking forward to seeing David tomorrow night and I hope you get all the things on your list done while he is away!

  2. your girls are so cute!!! :)

    have a great week Sharmaine :)

  3. What a darling photo!!!

  4. Aw my, How cute are they...

    thanks for the birthday wishes :)

    big hug

  5. How cute!!!! yay for good pictures!!!

    I'm already dreading ours!! LOL

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Such Angels!

  7. Your girls are adorable!!! Awesome photo!!
    Xx Jess


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