Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Baby's back

YAY :) he came home early as the work for today and tomorrow were cancelled, yay.
Spent 2 hours cleaning the sunroom out today, nice to see it clean again lol when we left this morning Megan and Jessica said 'Mummy's going to be lonely today'... hmmm thanks girls. They both seemed to like the new school but we went and had a babycino afterwards as Megan was stressing a little and needed to chill before going to school :)
Last night I finished this layout, of Megan's recent award.

Not much else to share but thought I would blog now before we head out to take Megan to Guides and do the grocery shopping (erk!)

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM

    happy 10th anniversary!!!!!

  2. Cute, love the felt lettering!

  3. Hi, Sharmaine! Hope you're doing well. What a cute layout!

  4. Elizabeth9:39 AM

    Hi Sharmaine, haven't been for a peek for a while (damn dial up!!) looks like you have been busy and totally jealous about all the layouts you create girl! Since we moved I haven't done one and that is since mid October!!! I am in major withdrawls. Love the Xmas lights, it seems our husbands are the same when it comes to lights, the bigger the better! All the best girl.

  5. Yay!! i know you're excited!!!

    Great way to preserve her award!!


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