Wednesday, January 02, 2008

While the sunshines...

you get busy, right??? Well, today the sun shone and we got busy!!

I took the girls to a park in the morning, took some photos, but strangely none of Jessica??? anyway here are some of my favourites

Came home for lunch and found this lovely pressy waiting from Kristi, thanks again! I am looking forward to playing!!

The girls watched some telly and were MEANT to rest, I scrapped this layout, after a little challenge Gigi set on SISTv after seeing a gorgeous layout by Janine. So I scraped about My Life Right Now.

Journaling: "My life right now is revolving around nappies. As today marks the day Lucy starts toilet training and ends almost 9 years of buying, changing and using the lovely invention known as disposable nappies! Ahh freedom!"

The rest of our day was spent outside, the girls playing and me weeding and digging up some potatoes that we had for tea. Dave was home early so that was our day :)

Here is the layout I did for the January One Product Challenge happening over at Groovie Java Scraps Cafe. I used only Love, Elsie products :)

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  1. Gorgeous Layouts!!
    And I love the photos you took! They are great! I can predict you'll be creating some awesome layouts with those!!!
    Xx jess

  2. gorgeous photos of your Girls!!!
    love your Love Elsie layout and i can so relate to the diaper thing! :D

  3. Cute photos! It seems awfully strange looking at pix of kids dressed in summer duds when here (Ohio, USA) it is snowing and blowing up a storm. We are all searching for coats and boots to go out and play, and your girls are in sandals with bare legs!

  4. LOVE that layout about Poppy! So cool that you used the letter sticker leftovers! GREAT IDEA! Have a great day! :)

  5. ...cute pictures and fab page =) Hope you had wonderfuly holidays and an awesome new year!! =)

  6. Sweet layouts and what adorable photos! The goods look fantastic as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those.

  7. Grandma8:33 AM

    Love all the photos as always. Interesting to read the commment from jan about the snow when it was 41 degrees here on New Year day, thank goodness for a cool change now before some more hot weather.

  8. Oh myyyy !! those photos are sooo cool !! love the one with your girl with blue hat (and beautiful blue eyes !!) and.... the one with the sort of keyhole, and even sitting by herself on the bench. very cool very cool !! Hope you had a good year, and thank you so much for visiting too !!

  9. I love the journalling on your "my life" layout, I am just starting all of that, can't wait for it all to be over already LOL.

  10. Wonderful photos ! It's good to know it's summer somewhere ! lol !

    Your layouts are great as always ! I loved the journaling on your "my life right now" lo, and how awesome was the Love Elsie, lo !


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