Sunday, February 17, 2008

Do you have ever have a day

where you think it is going to drag but then you get busy and the day just goes by??

That was today!

Sundays always seem to drag. Church in the morning and then the afternoon seems sooo long.

Well today, after lunch we went down to Big W so I could get some photos printed. Filled in the 'wait' time by heading to the fruit shop and then back so Megan could 'find' something to spend her birthday money on. She settled on a new Tamagotchi, she lost her other ones at Mum and Dad's.

Home from there, coffee and then I got to have a nap (YAY, thanks Dave).

After waking I went out to where Dave was with the girls. They were busy playing, apart from Megan who was playing on her computer.

Dave got hold of the camera and took a couple of photos of me, here is one :)

Then Allison rang to ask if she could call in. While we waited for out visitor Dave started cleaning the garage out ready for a garage sale we are planning on having. Was washing the concrete off when Allison arrived. She helped the afternoon to go quicker as it was time to get tea ready when she left, thanks Allison :)

Tomorrow Elizabeth starts Kindergarten. She will be doing 3 mornings a week so it will be a trial for me having 1 at home ;) Busy days ahead with lots of running between home and school.

Hope your week is a wonderful one :)
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  1. Oh you'll miss Elizabeth!
    I hope she'll have wonderful time at kindergarten though.


    PS: Your second happy mail package must be somewhere half-way by now! :)

  2. I have days like that all the time! I hope Elizabeth loves kindergarten!!!

  3. Bussy day I think, Enjoy this week. Mika (

  4. I can be very lame...but I notice you always talk about tea. Can you explain your ritual/tradition/celebration? Please. :)

    I was wondering it is at the same time? special tea pots/cups?

    Just very curious. :D

  5. Tea=Dinner, I try to remember to write dinner on my blog so you all know I mean DINNER but I forgot to write dinner because we call it tea... Don't know why!! Seems to be an Australian thing but I am thinking its probably an English/European thing too??
    and just for useless info,
    I'm a coffee drinker, dislike tea.

  6. Yay for starting kindergarten! I learned the best art tips back when it was simple. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  7. lovely shot! :)

    busy week for you yeah? hope kindergarten is fun :)

    and yes, i've had days like that! :D

  8. I know what you mean, today was like that for me too. I was continually going through old pics trying to find something to scrap since I don't have any new ones right now.

  9. ahhh. thanks for letting me know :)


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