Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sent home with cream cake!

Yep! Went to Karina's for Bradley's 5th birthday and came home with a plate full of cream cakes!! Supper anyone??!!
So that was our afternoon.
You can tell the seasons are about to change, been cold, wet and windy and it's meant to snow on the highlands!!
Oh some house work...
Linda, the post pack was red (very cool) so no I didn't paint it... just cut it up, it was like a knife through butter OH sooo easy!! Also used the post pack for the lettering on the mojo page.
Jenny, I love having you visit and LOVED that you commented :) thanks for your friendship, one day we will meet!!

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  1. Have a gorgeous day girl!!!! Happy weekend!

  2. cream cakes for me please! hehe...
    sounds like a fun weekend you're having :)


  3. Oooh, sooooo cool!!! I noticed that our PO has been selling decorated (printed) mail packaging supplies, things with mickey mouse and in various colors!!! I gotta pay better attention to cast-offs!!! You're so good at recycling!!!

    What does a cream cake consist of? Sounds so very yum!!!

  4. haha took me long enough didn't it. Sam and her friends have a blog running on their trip, I HAD to comment there so I knew I could do it here too. :-)
    Yumm Cream cakes! Jayden and I made gingerbread men yesterday.

  5. mmmm, cream cakes! I've got a dozen+ Krispy Kreme donuts left over from a party today, wanna trade?


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