Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday cake anyone??

Uncle Samuel (Dave's youngest brother) had a birthday this week and has come to play computer games with Dave so we had a little birthday celebration :)

Yes he looks impressed doesn't he ;)

Today we went out to buy his present, Megan spent her birthday money and got herself a new tamagotchi, we also got a new video/dvd player (Elizabeth had broken our other one by putting a video in sideways and we got one that was on sale) and then we went and bought some bunk beds. Dave had been reimbursed some money through work so it was nice to go get some things that we wouldn't have been able to get otherwise!
Hope your all having a lovely Easter, the girls are excited about leaving their bowls out for the Easter Bunny. No matter what you believe, about Easter, I hope that you have a peaceful and safe time. We are remembering the reason we have Easter and celebrating the fact that we have the opportunity for renewal and life.
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  1. lol- someone doesn't like pictures taken of him mmh???LOL

  2. cool cake! congrats!

  3. Happy Easter to you and family Sharmaine!

    Dave's brother looks pretty happy :D nice cake by the way!

  4. Have a happy Easter weekend!

  5. If that cake were sitting in front of me I'd look much different! Happy Easter to you too.

  6. Gosh, you can't half tell they are brothers hey?! Happy birthday Uncle Samuel.

    Sharmaine I hope you are all having a great Easter Sunday down there :-)

    Megan xx

  7. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Happy Happy Easter to you and your family, Sharmaine.

    Happy B-day to Uncle Samuel. :)

  8. Sorry Sharmaine,
    didn't mean for my post to be sent anomymous.
    Sandra :)

  9. grandma2:01 PM

    ONE day we will get a photo of Samuel smiling!!!!! Happy Easter to you all

  10. Cute! Men are crazy like that sometimes, just don't like getting their picture taken. I know my dh hates to have his taken. That cake looks yummy! and I hope you have a very nice Easter :)

  11. I like his shirt!
    Happy Easater!

  12. happy easter! i was looking at all your recent projects...i am loving the paint! I like the journal you've been working on, and i'm glad that you're so consistent! its hard!



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