Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Mail

Spent this morning, with Lucy, at the post office. Filled out 13 custom declaration forms, because if it is more than just paper you need to declare it... so my lovely little happy mail fell in that category and forms needed filling out!! So an hour later... Question...why does mail cost so much to send????? Any way all the mail is now on its way and that makes me happy.

Speaking of mail and happiness... look at what I got today!!!!!

The gorgeous Gigi was my rainbow swap partner, we had to send packages full of rainbow-ness. Thank you Gigi! The sweets have already been opened and sampled by four eager girls :)

And speaking of those girls, I did my One Little Word challenge today. The word prompt was Blessed.

Megan had swimming after school today and she is doing really well! She also starts up soccer next week so she's going to be a busy girl, as is Dave (well he will be a busy boy not a busy girl) as he is going to coach her school team. Fun Fun :)

Hope your Monday has been a happy one and thanks for visiting

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  1. Allison7:22 PM

    love the rainbow package looks fantastic!!!!!!
    the layout is just beautiful!!

  2. Aww how pretty and love that rainbow set!
    I am going to FREAK if you don't get any of my stuff soon. I will come over and bring some myself! :s


  3. it is just crazy how much sending a package costs now! unbelievable but then again... when you make someone really happy with it... it's worth the money right?

  4. I LOVE your "Blessed" layout. It is so funky, cool!!!!

  5. Love your layout Sharmaine!!!

    seems like we have similar errands and coincidences eh? i was @ the Post Office this morning too! hehe...

    enjoy your Week!

  6. what a beautiful box of rainbow goodness!!! love the layout!

  7. Oh, I love that layout! It awesome :)

  8. Cute layout! I agree with you about mail. It costs too much and takes too long! I don't know about your mail clerks but here they are always super slow and unfriendly!

  9. love the layout. I love how you incorporated the paper bag. very cool. Your package from Gigi looks like pure goodness. Don't you love those types of packages.

  10. Your goodie box looks incredible! Isn't it crazy how much it costs to mail stuff? I have found that it is cheaper to send it FedEx or UPS!!!

  11. Mail is so crazy expensive to send anymore.... lol, too bad digital gifts just don't have the same effect as real ones!

    What lovely Happy mail you got! such pretty colors!!

  12. Ooooh Twizzlers :) What a blessing!


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