Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More on the Marshmallow Lady

She came up to us at school with this thank you gift, a box full of shortbread!!

Lovely raw box... waiting to have something done with it ;)

Scrapped this page today

And if you missed my amazing news then look at the previous post ;)

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  1. Heyyy i'm still sooo thrilled for you missy !!
    when i think my account with SISTV is still dormant... i really should update it.
    Looooove your LO... very free, very bright, very happy :)

  2. I love this page - that yellow paint rocks!


  3. that's a Happy Yellow layout of your girls :)

    wonder what you'll do with the raw box? hmmm...

  4. Love this layout too - love what you do with paint and doodling - it truely looks awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with the raw box either.

  5. MMMMM mashermellows!!! Very cute LO nice and bright

  6. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I love how you incorporated the title. It ties in great with the paint. Don't forget to share what you do with that raw box once you great your artistic hands on it..


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