Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lookee at us!

Was a nice night out, last night. Lots of hob knobs were there, from politicians to business men, mayors to company execs. As promised, Grandma, here are photos, this one taken by Megan.

Scrapped this page of Jessica today. Is for the challenge over at Scrapping the Music. If you haven't had a look, then go check it out :) Glad I got to do this one.

Tomorrow is a big day with some fun things happening at SISTV (Thursday night their time) so if your not doing anything why not come see whats happening (should kick off 11am Australian time)
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**Edited to add**
Forgot to mention, doing to many things at once usually means I forget someting, that yesterday our nephew Memphis was born.
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  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    you make a very handsome couple :) love the layout too, gorgeous paper.

  2. Wow, you look so good on those photos! Love your take on the Scrapping the Music challenge!

  3. Aww so sweet!
    I love that layout! The paper is so cute!

  4. You two look stunning together! Cute LO!

  5. Lovely, just lovely!!!

    Those colors look great on you!!! And oh do I love your jewelry!

    I like the whimsy/childlikeness of the layout with Jessica!!! Sweet!

    And I was wondering if you ever had your kids take photos...Sometimes, they have such an interesting perspective!!!

    Congrats on the newest family member!!!

  6. Cute photos and layout! It's fun to get all dolled up sometimes!

  7. i LOVE your layout! and what a nice photo of you two!

  8. Sharmaine you are gorgeous! You really make such a lovely couple :)

    love your layout! the photo is stunning!

  9. what a cute couple! great pics!!

  10. Anonymous5:17 AM

    What a good looking couple! So glad you participated this week at STM!!!! Love the layout you did!

  11. Anonymous5:39 AM

    You look as happy as you are.
    Love the paper on that layout and the material added to it looks so good.
    Congrats on the nephew, Memphis is a mighty fine name.

  12. What a good looking couple you both are and love the lo!

  13. Congrats on your Auntydom. :-)
    Woo Hoo what a gorgeous couple. It's nice to get dressed up every now and then. Hugs

  14. great photos! love that layout!

  15. You look lovely! Cute couple! :D

  16. Gorgeous couple!!! love the photos taken by Megan :)

    i adore that layout!!!

  17. grandma2:01 PM

    thanks for the photos of you both, GREAT and of course, VERY handsome couple!!!!!!

  18. Sharmaine...lovely layouts. Thanks for playing at STM.

  19. Lusi :)12:52 AM

    hey mate!
    you guys look great!!!!!
    Gorgeous layout and love (as always) all your family snaps :)
    Much love,
    Lus x


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