Saturday, April 05, 2008

9 hours...

of unbroken sleep!!! YES! I woke this morning and asked Dave what time it was, to find it was quarter to nine!! Oh my!!! Love that ;)

Made us some brunch, my fave meal. Cooked some pancakes, eggs and bacon :) :)

Scrapped a little while Dave stewed some apple, ready for apple pie tomorrow night when the girls are home, and created this

using a photo taken in 2003, the year Grandma and Grandpa surprised the girls at Christmas time :) :)

Dave had his first game of soccer for the season this afternoon so I got to go watch. Makes me happy to see him play and I love being able to go, so thankful that the girls were away and I had the opportunity.

We filled up with petrol on the way and I spied this across the street

the mannequin was a brighter green than this but I thought it was cool!

and, as requested Grandma, photos of Dave at his game... well not many of him saving those goals

but more a little like this hehe

His team won :)
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  1. Sounds like you are having a fabulous weekend!
    That window shop photo is so cool.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be sure to eat a piece of pie of me too. :)

  2. So, Dave is actually a GREAT goalie!!! hee!!!

    The colors on your LO ROCK, Sharmaine! And the pixs are too cute too!

    I'm glad you had some alone time for you and with your man.

    I hope you have a great week!

  3. Love your LO! IT is so fun!

  4. what an awesome layout!! love it!

    and that store window is so cool!

  5. Hey your pics and you sound like your weekend is off to a great start. The LO is awesome Sharmaine, I was just blown away, it is divine. LOVE IT..and love your blog..hee hee.


  6. Allison7:50 AM

    LOL @ dave soccer pics!!! Great layout and I am even happier that you are having a Dave weekend!! enjoy the break...I'm making mini apple pies this weekend so apple seems to be the trend!!!!

  7. grandma2:15 PM

    thanks for sharing the photos of David, Sharmaine, great!!!!!! glad they won


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