Thursday, April 03, 2008

Feeling like it's Friday

but alas it ain't :)

But only one more sleep ;)

Yesterday was another busy day, after being inspired by Gigi and the wall plaques she has been making, so I used some of the fabric from Gigi and made this for Jessica

and because I knew Megan would want one

and I noticed Megan had moved hers to hang off her bunk :)

Also made a page in my Art Journal

and this one is from the other day :)

Elizabeth made this at Kinder yesterday

They did 'd' this week for Dippy Duck. She also saw the speech therapist (now known as the speech teacher) and we are moving along with getting the speech therapy going again YAY.

Today has been windy!! Beyond belief windy!! Winds up to 176km! We couldn't go to school the usual way as the road was blocked with a tree that had fallen across power lines. So it took us over half an hour to get to school and we went the same way home etc. Glad I didn't have the kinder pickup today!!! We woke to find one of the glass panels in our 'hot house' type garden had bust, half the lavender bush across the yard, the cubby house missing a roof part and a piece of lattice from the side fence off. Thankfully that was all and it wasn't as devastating as those who lost their roofs!

So it was an inside day again today and I made some cheese and bacon muffins ready for next weeks school lunchboxes. Played around with my camera settings today too.

Practice Practice :)

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  1. cute stuff you made! pages too! I find it rather difficult to make art journal pages.
    food looks yum!
    Have a great day!

  2. oh you made me hungry :-)Love your vibrants pages!

  3. oh yeahhhh !! those muffins/scones look sooooo yummy !! and...with butter pleaaaase !! yummm !!
    and love your panels there !! adoraaable !!

  4. wow! what a productive familY! love your art journal pages!

  5. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Those muffins look yummy and your journal pages are gorgeous. Great pictures

  6. The muffins sound so good, esp since I haven't had breakfast yet. The door hangers are very sweet. I bet your girls just love getting crafty stuff from you :) I really like the seasons page, very nice. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. bacon and cheese muffins!! that's like the worst foods I'm intolerant to, lol! They look so yummy!

  8. Can I have a muffin please.

    Love your pages for the Art Journal!!! The orange season one is brill!!!



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