Monday, April 14, 2008

I know where my day went...

6.30am - woken by Elizabeth with "Lucy's done a wee on the floor"
6.30am - out of bed to clean up the wee
6.30 something am - get the girls breakfast and make Dave and I a coffee, Dave in shower
6.45am - Dave out of the shower, girls finishing off breakfast
6.50am - my shower, Dave gets the girls dressed and makes lunches
7.00am - I'm out of the shower and Megan is in
7.10am - Megan is out of shower and washing machine is on, coffee time!
7.30am - Dave off to work, girls have packed their bags for school, breakfast time for me
8.15am - in the car and off to school
9.10am or there abouts - at the supermarket for some MORE groceries
10am - shopping now in car and Lucy and I head home
10.30am - shopping all away, made coffee and Lucy has her morning tea while I hang the washing(x2, nearly broke the wash basket carrying it all)
10.45am - talk to neighbour over the fence, they give Lucy a doll
11am - finish hanging the washing
11.01am - drink my cold coffee
11.02am - get the garbage and recycling bins in and wash them out
11.45am - Lucy and I get back in the car to go get Elizabeth from school
12.00pm - Lucy has a play in the playground before Elizabeth finishes
12.15pm - back in the car, heading home
12.30pm - home and unpack/pack the dishwasher
12.45pm - get the girls lunch
1.15pm - sat and scrapped my One Little Word layout, the word was Best
2.00pm - get the washing off the line
2.30pm - back in the car to get Megan and Jessica from school
3.10pm - back in the car to take Megan to swimming lessons
3.30pm - Megan has swimming
4.05pm - leave swimming
4.35pm - home, unpack bags, start the veggies for dinner
4.40pm - Dave home
5.00pm - dinner
5.30pm - clear the table, girls in the bath, dishwasher on, girls clothes in the washing machine, shoes off (ahhh)
5.45pm - Girls in their pjs, listen to Jessica's home reader.
6.00pm - Girls in bed
We begin again tomorrow, hopefully with a different start to the day!!
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  1. Phew! I feel tired just reading that :D

  2. ahhhh!!! Im scared!!! Im about to become a mother!!! SOunds like its a very busy and full on job!!! Bet its totally rewarding though!!!
    Xx Jess

  3. Wow, now that's a very full day! and some people wonder what SAHMs do all day.. and I'm like.. how do you get it all in :) Sounds like you are a great mom! Lovely layout too! :)

  4. I hope your day does start off differently for you.

    I'm tired just reading about your day. hehe

    Never a dull moment as a mom.

  5. Anonymous5:59 AM

    You are busy lady!! I'm sure if all the moms wrote down what they did in a day, we would realize why we are always so darn tired.

    Now go take a break!! Whew!

  6. Isn't bedtime fabulous? I work part time and I've always said that it's easier to be at work! (Love the layout - it has such a fun feeling to it!)

  7. sounds like my day :)

  8. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I too feel exhausted reading all that Sharmaine :) lol, I have to say some of my days resemble that and I only have one child ;)

    Wishing you a better day today.



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