Saturday, June 28, 2008

They scored their first goal!!!

Yep! Megan's soccer team finally did it! The score was 5-1 but they now have a goal under their belt :)

Was a cold start to the day but once the sun got up it was beautiful!!

This afternoon, Dave put on my shoes and kicked me out to go to the Craft and Quilt fair. Was nice walking around seeing everything :)
Got home and we made a start on making some fruit salad for pudding.
We had some rock melon



and some grapes, banana and orange too :0)

While I cooked dinner the others lounged and watched some telly, had to take some photos ;)

Before I forget, Mum and Dad didn't stay the other night. They came for dinner but went back home as they had decided to clean their carpets so had to light a fire the next day to get them dry for their house sitter... anyway in amongst all that Dad had decided to clean the screen of their GPS... he cleaned it so well it wouldn't work with the liquid that got under the screen... so the next day, yesterday, the day they were leaving, they had to go get a new GPS... Mum rang on their way to get it to ask me to ring some canvas places as Dad was doing up the canopy, that's what they are sleeping in on the back of the Ute, and the stitching between the zip and the canvas had come undone... rang while they were at the canvas place and Mum said the new GPS they had just bought wasn't working... rang them later to see if they had gone back to the shop to get it working. While they were at the shop Dad had locked his keys in the Ute and it had taken the roadside assist man 45 minutes to come and get the keys out... they had called into Maccas on their way to the boat (3 or so hour drive) and Mum had indigestion from her food, lol.... So all in all a great start to their trip hehehe but they rang just awhile ago to say they were well on their way, boat trip was smooth and they were just below the Vic/NSW border.
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  1. you should make a photobook of all the glorious sunrises and sunsets that you manage to capture.....


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