Monday, July 14, 2008

Beverley's 40 Days - PARTY GAMES!

The lovely Beverley is turning 40 soon and has put together a group of bloggers to help her celebrate for 40 days till she turns 40. On my sidebar are all those hosting and today is my turn to host and I thought we might play some party games. The winner of each round/game will have their name put in the hat and I will allocate a random number to each name and then get Beverley to choose a number and that person will receive a crafty RAK from me :) Will be running games over today and tomorrow so that lots can come play. I will post as often as life permits but if it's quiet around here it's because I'm offline, but while I am here the clues/games will continue with lots of opportunities for people to play
So lets get things going shall we...
Let's play celebrity heads.
I will give you some clues about a celebrity (will a famous person or could a be scrapbooking related person) and the first person to post a comment with the correct celebrity will have their name in the hat. The clues may be cryptic, they may be easy but you have to enter to play so don't be shy!! Anyone who is anyone can play :)
Round #1
I am a pretty person who was born in 1967... who am I?
*edited to add another clue* A quote : 'they are boobs Ed'
Answer Julia Roberts **winner Allison**

I love life and was born in 1975... Who am I?
*edited to add another clue* A quote: "capture.create"
*edited to add another clue* My first name and last name start with vowels
Answer Ali Edwards **Winner - Shirley**

Round #3
My parents had a light bulb moment when I was born in 1847... who am I?
Answer Thomas Edison **winner - stampinc**

Round #4
I am a company interested in memories that started in 1997... who am I??
Answer Making Memories **winner MargS**

Round #5
I am a clicky person who was born in 1854... who am I?
Answer George Eastman **winner MargS**

Round #6
I am something that scrappy that was founded in 1996... what am I?
*edited to add another clue* Once you pick me up I am hard to put down.
*edited to add another clue* I can be bought at a news agency
OK am ending this now will attatch a random number to each name and email the birthday girl, Beverley so she can choose a number, will post the winner here when its all done :)
Thanks for playing along and don't forget to check the other 40 days bloggers for more fun :)
Oh and round 6 answer was creating keepsakes magazine :) :)
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  1. Allison5:02 PM

    hmmm well I am guess Pamela Anderson!!!

  2. Allison, nice try, good guess, but wrong :)
    Feel free to try again :)

  3. Allison5:06 PM

    Changihg my answer as I realised I got it wrong LOL......The answer is Julia Roberts :-)

  4. Well done Allison!!!
    Round two now open

  5. Round #2 is....
    Angelina Jolie Voight

  6. I think Round #2 answer is Ali Edwards! :D

  7. Well done Shirley!!
    Round #3 now open

  8. Is it Thomas Edison?

  9. Allison11:12 AM

    Im Fairly confident it is Thomas Edison

  10. Well done Stampinc
    Round 4 now open

  11. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Isit Maaking Memories???

  12. well done Anonymous, it is. Will need your name to enter into the hat :)

  13. Last post was from MargS...... I'm having all sorts of trouble getting my password accepted!!!!!!!

  14. Yay Marg, glad you played :) Make sure you check back in the next day or so to see if Beverley pulls your name from the hat :)
    Round 5 open now

  15. Nothing like a taste of success to encourage me to have another go!!! Thanx! Round 5....... Mr Kodak/Eastman???!!!

  16. hehe Well done again Marg
    Round 6 open now

  17. Here is my random post. :)
    Great clues and game! Sorry I wasn't available yesterday.

  18. The Age of Murdoch

  19. Allison7:12 AM

    A scrapbooking Magazine???


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